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Pharma Action – Your number one premium API source for GMP-certified Heparin made in Germany.

Pharma Action is a proud group member of Tönnies  – the largest source of heparin raw material in Europe, thus controlling more than 30% of traceable European mucosa, to produce API Heparin and Heparinoids.

#1 Worldwide: Pharma Action's state-of-the-art Crude Heparin Factory receives pharmaceutical Production License and GMP-Certificate. The first GMP certified Crude Heparin factory world wide!

Using its global API manufacturing and marketing expertise since 1988, Pharma Action is introducing a step change to the Heparin market, by redefining Heparin safety. In response to U.S. FDA and EMA positions considering mucosa the starting point of Heparin API production, the European Commission has updated the GMP guidelines to increase regulations (Eudralex Volume 4, Annex 2), to which Pharma Action adheres with the highest pharma and food safety and quality standards.


Redefining Heparin safety through complete traceability in the supply chain:
Hepatrace® sets a new safety standard in the Heparin industry through Pharma Action’s 100% traceable, completely in-house Heparin supply chain.
It offers a previously unknown level of transparency compliant with the strictest governmental regulations and laws by building on long-standing relationships with 23,000 farmers committed to Tönnies’ quality control and food standards, in terms of detailed information on origin and veterinary certificates for each animal.


Redefining Heparin safety through complete transparency in the supply chain:
Hepasafe® applies the advantages of hepatrace® by providing fully transparent and 100% made in Germany Heparin APIs manufactured in state of the art facilities using industry leading production methods all under GMP.
This provides doctors and patients with information on the complete API origin of the administered drugs, which in combination with excellent quality and total safety gives Pharma Action’s customers a competitive advantage and new marketing stimulus in their target countries and markets.

General services offered by Pharma Action

Outsourcing API management and GMP service issues to focus on core competences:
▪ GMP Service
▪ Business-consulting for the Indian pharmaceutical market
▪ Viral Safety Studies for APIs
▪ The sourcing of preferred APIs

Contact Pharma Action now by sending an email to or calling 0049 30 - 890 44 99 - 0.
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